Municipal Revenue System

Municipal Revenue System (MRS) is used to organize and standardize municipal revenue financial and administrative workflow. It organizes the assessment and collection operations in addition to organizing money transfer between relevant units according to set laws. 

The system allows appropriate unit at the municipality to issue Tax Payers Lists through a series of forms prepared for this purpose. Tax Payers Lists include: Rental Value; Occupancy of Municipal Public Property; etc… Collection Orders include: Advertising Licenses; Occupancy of Municipal Public Property Licenses; Construction Licenses; etc… 
The system contains mechanisms to cancel or deduct fees from Tax Payers Lists and Collection Orders, in addition to other mechanisms that allow fee installments and collection in the Revenue Collection Unit. It also contains mechanisms for receiving money from municipal collectors in Revenue Collection Unit and then transferring it to the Treasury Unit. 
Moreover, the system allows municipal employees to keep track of all fees due, receivables, financial transactions, tax payers real estate database management, issue planning statistical reports, issue reports for the oversight agencies (COA), and helps publish taxpayers fees on the Internet.