Local Government

Our team designed, developed and deployed technical, administrative, and financial solutions for more than 700 municipalities in Lebanon to build the foundations of good governance at the local level and ensure the implementation of the rule of law. These municipalities have undergone a fundamental transformation as a result of our team’s technical assistance:

  • Design, implementation, and institutionalization of standardized administrative and financial processes and procedures.
  • Introduction of advanced technology tools and automated systems.
  • Training of municipal council members and staff.
  • Creation of multiple tools to improve citizen access to government. 

Automated financial and administrative systems that were designed and developed specifically for the municipalities achieved significant improvement in their financial and administrative capabilities. A Municipal Geographic Information System with dozens of financial and administrative layers was developed and implemented in key cities.  Website portals were also developed allowing citizens to obtain information on their tax obligations and to track the status of pending applications they had submitted for municipal action.

Additional management and technical assistance provided by our experts focused on job classifications, administrative restructuring of several municipalities, as well as the creation of several citizen reception offices to promote transparency and efficiency at the local level.