Legislation Branch

For over twenty years, our consultants worked closely with Parliament on key areas to enhance Parliament’s performance in public policy, budget analysis and ratification, executive oversight, and constituency services. Specific interventions were developed to improve institutional support, strengthen Parliamentary committees, and provide information to individual members.

Our experts have considerable experience in reinforcing the structures, processes, mechanisms, and human resources of the Lebanese Parliament. They participated in streamlining both the administrative and legislative processes, provided training in policy analysis, installed state-of-the-art technology, and designed, developed and implemented several customized computer systems, including:

  • Bill Tracking System, to track and synchronize different versions of proposed bills.
  • Document Archiving System, to scan, organize, and archive important documents and articles.
  • General Budget System, to produce budget scenarios and analyze planned budget revenues and expenditures against past years’ revenues and expenditures.
  • Legislature Voting System, to automate the voting process and track information regarding approved laws and voting records.