Executive Branch

Innovative Institutional IDEAS experts have had extensive experience working with several central government oversight agencies to introduce information technology and customized solutions that enhanced their productivity and efficiency.

Our experts developed and implemented solutions that improved the auditing capacity of the Court of Audit and also provided greater municipal financial transparency and accountability. They worked closely with the Court to develop standardized procedures, processes, and financial reports for municipalities that enhanced their accountability through fulfilling quarterly and annual financial reporting requirements.

Work with the Civil Service Board (CSB) focused on the overall goal of enhancing human resource management of over twenty thousand civil servants within central government institutions and municipalities. Our experts designed, developed, and implemented a Personnel Management System for the CSB to compile and organize information on all central government administrative personnel. The system includes personal data, professional experience, current job-related information, academic degrees, languages, and training achieved. It assists CSB with strategic planning through a variety of reports that provides the government with a comprehensive picture of the administrative organization, vacancies, number and qualifications of staff. In addition to the design and development of this comprehensive system, complete data for many thousands of employees was entered into the software, providing the government with a turnkey solution.