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Is there a computer program that can help tax collectors determine the late payment fee when they are collecting the taxes outside the municipality?

There is a computer system that can be installed on a laptop. The system will transfer the taxpayers' information from the main Municipal Revenue System and it will help the tax collectors determine the late payment fines that must be paid.

How is revenues remuneration calculated for tax collectors and for the staff of the Financial Department in the municipalities?

The calculation of revenues remuneration for collectors and for the staff of the financial Department depends on the existence of a policy (procedures) for the distribution of the proceeds. In the case this policy exists, the information system can be used for the distribution of the collection revenues. In the absence of this policy, the municipality must set up a policy for the distribution of proceeds for the collectors and the staff of the financial department and send it to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities for approval. Final approval is required from the Central Advisory Council. 

What is the process for surveying residential and non-residential units in the municipalities?

The process of field survey for rental value fees, maintenance of sewers and sidewalks or any other fees should be based on the information available in the existing database in the municipality. This information is transferred into a comprehensive form that is prepared specifically for this purpose. During the process existing information is corrected and new information is added into the forms.

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