Applications Development

Over the last twenty years working with municipalities, central government and control agencies our staff* developed, implemented and is still upgrading a number of costumed developed information management systems.   

Here’s a list of the systems:

- Municipal Revenue System
- Internet Municipal Revenue System
- Municipal Budget System for Large Municipalities
- Municipal Budget System for Small Municipalities 
- Municipal Accounting System 
- Municipal Inventory and Asset System 
- Personnel and Payroll Management System
- Health Benefit System 
- Internet Health Benefit System 
- Municipal Document Tracking System 
- Internet Municipal Document Tracking System 
- Municipal Geographic Information System
- Municipal Geographic Information System for Touch Screen
- Parcel Information Card 
- Union Financial System – General Accounting Law 
- Union Financial System – Decree 5595/82
- Government Document Tracking System 

*A number of our experts were part of a project funded by the USAID and implemented by the State University of New York to enhance municipalities and governorates.